Emmerson Productions platform EP1 provides the most amazing stable and versatile platform for aerial photography. Providing amazing breath taking images! We use the most advanced technology currently available!


EP-1 Features

This is our workhorse.  Stability: 10/10.

Safe And Stable
Portable Easy To Use
Sparkproof Plug
Professional Octocopter
Low Gimbal Mounting Position
Retractable Landing Gear
ZENMUSE Z15-5D Gimbal
Innovative Frame Arm Design

Gimbal & Camera

The gimbal is unquestionably one of the most important components of our UAS. The gimbal keeps the camera stable and locked onto its subject regardless of the UAS’s movement. The more stable the gimbal, the less time required in post-production which increases the guarantee of getting a precise image first time, we use Zenmuse which is considered to be the best gimbal money can buy. Couple this with the Canon 5D Mk3 camera and image quality & stability are second to none.

Ground Station

The excellent EP ground station enables us to create a “one box” FPV ground station that greatly simplifies our setup when we get onsite.

10.4 inches outdoor highlight monitor(1000 cd/m2). Out put to any size screen!
No blue screen.
Great strength and lightness box.
Video buffered output, supports external monitor.